Are you staring at the above image with a combination of confusion and intrigue? Maybe this will clear up that confusion and justify your intrigue:

Scheduled to open at the end of March, the Prada Transformer will stage a range of art, cinema, culture and fashion events though August. the 65-ft. high tetrahedron is composed of four different shapes, a hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle. "Once a month, cranes will lift and rotate the structure into a different facade and floor plate configuration," the Korea Times reports (Eds. note: this is supposedly going to be in Seoul). "When rotated, each side will be the venue of a different cultural program." On the outside, the entire structure will be wrapped with an elastic translucent membrane.

On the other hand, maybe not. What is this? Is it real? How did it survive the recession? And will it probably be awesome?

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