Oh, you think you're so crafty with your vintage styling and black and white photography. Well. Nobody needs a bike that costs as much as a car*, especially in this economy.

*slight exaggeration, unless you're looking for an '88 Corolla.

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  1. This is not a Gazelle but a Black Bike. The Gazelle did not make this photo nor had anything to do with this advertisement.
    Club Monaco had bought some Gazelles from an independent Dealer in Boston, but not directly from Gazelle NL How Club Monaco manufactured a photo of a bike which is not a Gazelle and then professes it is, is beyond me (I am Dutch and proud of our true Royal Brand)

    The Gazelle *oma* bike is much better quality than this BB copy.

    I myself am a proud Gazelle owner and dont like to see false advertisements. Shame on those people who did this.