Handmade in Brooklyn from single pieces of leather, with no stitching. Available at In God We Trust or online, and you can get it without gold embossing, or monogrammed.


  1. I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with a MAXX & UNIFORM CO. wallet I purchased at AMERICAN RAG. I spent $88 on this item at the end of September and now, 8 months later have to purchase a new wallet to replace it. I realize that the wallet is handmade and crafted from a single piece of backed leather but after only 8 months the wallet is in terrible condition. The leather is excessively worn, scratched and the dueling pistol design is unrecognizable. In fact, after about 3 months the design began to fade. I tried to protect the wallet since I knew it was handcrafted, but after this I question the quality of MAXX & UNICORN CO. products and don’t believe that MAXX & UNIFORM CO. claims to use the best leather, and most pigment heavy dyes available as stated on MYSPACE.COM. I will never purchase a MAXX & UNICORN CO. item again and will never recommend any one else to. I feel that I wasted $88 and in today’s economy that’s a lot of money for a wallet!

  2. There are over 1000 guys wearing and loving these wallets, as for the one who posted this negative feedback above I say...

    GET OVER IT !!!!!!!!!!!!I offered to repair or replace the wallet for you. M&U always stands behind our product with a lifetime guarantee. I spoke with the guys at Amrag about you and they thought you were just as impossible to deal with as I did...just lookingto complain an get money back.
    I always stand behind my product but I dont take crap from whiney customeres just looking for a discount or money back after 8 months!

    Maxx (of maxx&unicorn)